Westgiöta Gustavianer (WG) is a society for military and cultural history in the years of about 1780-1790, during the king Gustav III´s reign. The society was founded in 1998 and has its base in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our aim is to re-enact the life of the soldiers and common people during the “gustavian” era (1772-1809).

Gothenburg was to the beginning of the eightteenth century, one of the most important fortifications in Sweden.

The city was guarded by the Gothenburg garrison regiment. Gothenburg was by the second half of the eighteenth century populated by 10 000 inhabitants. 2000 of them belonged to the garrison and half of that number was soldiers and the other half was wives, children and other civil staff. The garrison soldiers of the 1:st company (The CO:s own company) just as well as the rest of the regiment that we re-enact dressed in the uniform from 1779.

The uniform was designed by the very fashion minded king, Gustav III. It has its origin in the national costume, drawn by the king and worn by the court. The troop is furthermore armed with original musquets from the second half of the eighteenth century and replica sidearms of the Prussian model used by the swedish army at the current time. WG also has it´s own autentic tentcamp for the soldiers and officers.

The regiment´s most successful battles was in Finland in the Russo-Swedish war of 1788-1790 where it´s main task was serving as gunners and marine infantry soldiers in the Baltic Sea on the swedish navy gunboats. The regiment made up an important part of the right flank at the victorious seabattle at Svensksund 9:th of july 1790. 

WG has participated in several historic events. Places that has been visited is; Stockholm and Karlskrona in Sweden, Oslo and Kongsvinger in Norway, Oravais in Finland, Wismar in Germany, Budapest and Kerekegyháza in Hungary.  The years 2005 to 2008 has WG participated in an eighteen century weekend at Gunnebo Castle. We have organized a historic camp and re-enacted the battle of Kvistrum that took place in the county of Munkedal the 29:th of September 1788.  WG also participates in other arrangements like lectures, dinners, weddings, company parties and other occasions that fancy a special touch! 

For further information and contact please e-mailsaltziska@live.se